Single row corn harvester combine corn seed harvester machine corn picker

Product name:Warking tractor corn harvester
Tractor Power:18-35HP
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw-3kw
Overall Dimensions:157*65*102cm



Product description

Mini corn harvester can complete the function of corn ear picking, husking and straw crushing in one row at a time. The harvester Equipped with double collecting boxes, stubble height adjustable, small turning radius easy operation.The straw is crushed directly and return to field, the peeling performance is very clean.This machine's capacity about 0.13 hectare per hour. Complete corn ear picking and straw crushing function in one row. Equipped with spiking bucket full can take off the filling bag, stubble height adjustable, tension clutch work safety, turning radius small easy to operate. The machine can harvest corn 0.13 hectare every hour of straw directly crushing, peeling clean, ear height above 60 cm can be harvested, the higher the straw light rod rate.微信图片_20240319170638.png

Product features

1,Mini size and light weight , flexible and comfortable field operation in hill filed and small size easily,
2,Fully functional, picking ears, peeling, collecting, straw crushing and return to the field, almost the same function as a large corn harvester,
3,Flexible operation, cutting stubble height can be adjusted, small turning radius,
4,10-15hp engine, stronger and powerful,
5,Good peeling performance and low damage rate.
6, High efficiency reach 0.1-0.2ha/h and fuel economy