Maize combine harvester tractor mounted corn harvester

Product name:Corn Maize Harvester Machine
Tractor Power:18-35HP
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw-3kw
Suitable Row Spacing:50-80(Cm)
Overall Dimensions:4900*2360*1350mm



Product description

The corn harvester mainly consists of ear picking device, conveying device, storage device,hydraulicelevator, etc. During the operation, the corn harvester moves forward along the direction of the corn ridge.While picking the ears, the cutter cuts off the corn stalks and crushes them back into the field.The ears are transported into the material box through the conveying device, completing the entireharvesting process. The separation of power is achieved by the driveroperating the hydraulic lifting system of the tractor. After lifting the main engine to the desired position on the network, the two B-type triangular belts will stop rotating, cutting off the power input of the diesel engine, achieving power separation.The cutting blade and conveyor belt will stop rotating, and in turn, they will be in a working rotating state.The header is used toremove corn ears from the straw, consisting of an introduction device, a picking device, a straw crushing and returning device, a header gearbox, and a header frame. The process flow is: during machine operation, the introduction mechanism sends the corn stem into the scion roller room, which is clamped by the opposite rod and pulled downwards and backwards. Due to the working gap being smaller than the diameter of the corn stem, the stem and ear are rotated and squeezed, resulting in reduced strength. The picking ear guard board blocks or is directly pressed by the roller, and the ear is picked off and then dropped into the ear box. The straw pulled downwards is crushed and returned to the field by the chopping mechanism.玉米收获机详情_06.jpg

Product features

1. It can both harvest corn ears and chop corn stalks, achieving the goal of returning straw to the field.
2. The corn harvester is an energy-saving type that can run easily with only 32 horsepower
3. This machine is used in conjunction with a small tractor, and the tractor can be used for other
tasks when the unit is removed.
4. High work efficiency, at least 3 acres per hour can be harvested, with some deviation in efficiency
in flat and mountainous areas.
5. Hydraulic self unloading silo, which can be directly unloaded onto agricultural transport vehicles,
is convenient, fast, time-saving, and labor-saving;
6. The gear chain transmission mechanism operates smoothly and reliably, and is convenient for
maintenance and repair;
7. The design of this machine is simple, reasonable and scientific, with good coordination and easy maintenance.