Corn Milling Machine Corn Grits Flour Making Machine

Product name:corn grits/flour milling machine
Application:Food Flour Grinding Mill Machine
Corn Peeling:300(Kg/H)
Corn Flour:350(Kg/H)
Grits Made From Corn:400(Kg/H)
Dimension(L*W*H):140cm * 230cm * 130cm



Product description

This machine is a combination type of corn preliminary processing equipment, consisting of four systems: peeling system, crushing system, grading system, and air net dust removal system. It solves technical problems such as stuffiness and slow impurity removal in corn processing machinery, and has a special current display system, making the internal pressure and material stripping effect of the machine room clear at a glance. In addition, it has added an automatic unloading control system, which is the corn and coarse grain processing equipment that the machine has been working on.


Product features

1.Peeling is to remove corn skin, corn germ, root and hilum to get clean corn kernel.

2. Acrylic window design for easy watching over peeling result.
3.Peeling performance rate is up to 98%.
4.Peeling can be by both wet way and dry way.
5.Special grits milling mechanism to grind corn evenly into grits.
6.Thick iron sheet strong body, machine not shake during running.
7.Powder coat finish for machine outside, anti-scratch, durable, nice looking.
8.Hand wheel turn to control different sizes of grits.