fully automatic home pelletizer machine for animal feeds vertical feed mixer

Product name:Stainless Steel mixer machine
Barrel Diameter:55cm
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw-3kw
Single Mixing Volume:50kg



Product description

The stainless steel drum mixer is a new type of fine container rotary and agitating mixing equipment, which is used for the uniform mixing of various powder and granular materials. It has a high degree of mixing, and can also achieve a good degree of mixing for ingredients with a small amount of addition; The machine adopts mechanical seal, the powder will not leak, and the bearing will be used for a long time; This machine has high mixing efficiency, high working efficiency, low labor intensity and convenient operation. It can be used in food, magnetic powder, ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, feed and other industries. This machine has good sealing performance. The gearbox and gear drive the material pouring conveniently. It can rotate 360 degrees freely. The mixing of powder additives and trace elements in the industry is clean, sanitary and non-oxidizing.


Product features

1.Metal powder: aluminum, lead, zinc, copper, iron, nickel, alloy, magnetic materials and other metals are powder.

2.Chemical and chemical materials such as resins, plastics, rubber auxiliaries, dyes, pesticide fillers, etc.

3.Food categories that meet the design of hygiene indicators: flour, cocoa, coffee, condiments, additives, etc.

4.Chinese and western raw materials, western medicines and proprietary Chinese medicines designed according to the requirements of GMPS.

5.Grain, corn, beans, sesame and other crops, shelling and impurity removal.

6.Abrasives: glass beads, alumina, corundum, chlorine carbon, emery, quartz sand and other abrasive materials.