Temperature control home screw sesame oil press machine

Product name:Oil press Machine
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw
Oil Yield:40%-55%
Overall Dimensions:460*180*310mm



Product description

This is a kitchen electric oil press. For avocado coconut olive flax peanut castor perilla seed oil canola sesame commercial grade (temperature control) . Electric oil press machine, give customers a healthy and nutritious life. This oil press is made of high quality stainless steel material, corrosion resistant and durable. Complete accessories, easy to install. Low noise, long working time, long service life and easy maintenance. Suitable for most oil crops with oil content above 25%, such as peanut, sunflower, tea, walnut, olive, coconut oil, flax, etc.


Product features

1. The steps of all moddels are the same.

2. The material must be dry and free of moisture;

3. If you need to press the material not mentioned in this manual, please try to squeeze a small part fifirst, observe whether it can be squeezed, if not, please stop immediately;

4. The machine should be placed in a parallel stable place, do not tilt or bump;

5. The working part has a high temperature. Do not touch it with your hands to avoid burns!