Rice Reaper Wheat Rice Harvester Reaper Wheat Harvesting Machine

Product name:wheat paddy reaper machine
Tractor Power:18-35HP
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw-3kw
Suitable Row Spacing:50-80(Cm)
Overall Dimensions:1.25*0.5*0.62m



Product description

The wheat harvester machine is a kind of agricultural machinery that can harvest, stack and return the stalks to the field at one time when the corn is mature. Process flow: The corn harvester is mainly used to pick ears under the growing condition of corn (called standing stalk picking). Under the action of the picking roller and the picking plate, the ear handle is pulled off. Due to the height difference between the inner and outer stripping rollers, the ear falls into the ear box, and the ear is filled and then unpacked for stacking. The high-speed rotating cutter cuts the straw from the root and then enters the crushing mechanism to cut it into 3-5 cm long pieces. After cutting, the straw will fall naturally. Then the ears are transported to the field, peeled with a peeling machine, and threshed after drying.


Product features

1.Strong power,high working efficiency,large range of mowing,overall efficiency is more than 3 times higher than the conventional brush cutter.
2.Equipped with gear box,safe operation.
3.Equipped with two blade types.Quick and easy to replace the blade according to different working environment.
4.Direct drive design,effectively reduce the loss of mechancial force in the transmission process.
5.Simple operation and the labor intensity is greatly reduced.
6.Strong pavement passability,suitable for complex pothole terrain,widely used in lawns,orchards and fields.