Peanut digger harvesting automatic machine groundnut harvester

Product name:Peanut Harvesting Machine
Tractor Power:18-35HP
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw-3kw
Suitable Row Spacing:50-80(Cm)
Overall Dimensions:1200*700*1360mm



Product description

The product has good performance and high efficiency. Mainly used for receiving underground root crops such as potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes, carrots, peanuts and so on. It has the characteristics of high receiving efficiency, low breakage rate, light and smooth operation, no vibration, no grass blocking, fast soil leakage, simple structure and long service life. It can also be harvested in fields with more weeds.


Product features

1. With features by high efficiency and low breakage rate, the multifunctional harvester can harvest all kinds of Root stock crops, such as,etc.

2.No blocking grass potato,sweet potato,garlic,carrot,onion,peanut,quick leaking soil, and works briskly without vibration.

3.The harvester is easy and convenient in use, with long-time service life.

4.The operation process is complete and orderly, and the tasks of raising seedlings, digging, crushing soil, shaking soil and laying and drying peanuts are completed