Industrial Machinery Wheat Rapeseed Vibrating Sieve Machine

Product name:Screen Machine
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw
Overall Dimensions:1500*860*850mm


Product description


The electric screening machine is matched with a suitable screen mesh and can be used for screening crops such as corn, snacks, soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, rice, millet, sesame, and pepper. 


Product features

The electric screening machine has a two-layer screen, and a three-layer screen can also be customized according to needs. It passes through the feed port first, and the blowing action of the screen machine directly blows away the light-weight miscellaneous leaves or straw. After the impurities are cleaned, the good grains or seeds will fall directly onto the lower sieve. The lower sieve will directly leak out the small impurities or pebbles in the grains or seeds, or the empty seeds, and the intact grains or seeds will be discharged from the screen. The material is screened out. This machine solves the shortcomings of the winnowing machine which has a single function and cannot effectively remove stones and large soil clods. And it can better clean and select grains and seeds. This machine has the advantages of small footprint, low energy consumption, and simple use. It is a good helper for small and medium-sized grain cleaning.