Home Use Rice Milling Machine Mini Corn Milling Machine

Product name:Rice mill Machine
Tractor speed:1300r/m
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.3kw
Overall Dimensions:620*320*560mm


Product description

Sif Combined Rice Milling Machine is a new style rice milling machine. It's great to separate paddy straw, stone and screws and other impurities from rice before milling rice, so can get clean rice. and also the broken rice separator can separate broken rice after milling, then can get good complete rice. This is very multi functional and convenient for home use.


Product features

1. The combined rice milling machine is used to separate straw, stone, screws and other impuritied in the paddy rice, so after milling will get clean rice. It connects with rice mill machine pulley, so when rice mill machine running, it will start work.
2. The broken rice separatror use to separate broken rice after milling rice, so can get fine and complete rice. it runs according the smaller motor 80W. so need electricity when work.