Groundnut Picker Machine Farm Machinery

Product name:Peanut Picker Machine
Tractor speed:1300r/m
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:7.5kw/12HP
Overall Dimensions:1300*950*1370mm



Product description

The peanut picking machine, also known as the peanut picking three separator, can separate peanut soil,
peanut fruit, and soil residue in one go. There are four processes to complete the work: picking, blowing, screening, and bagging. The peanut picking machine mainly consists of a frame, an electric motor (diesel engine), a transmission part, a fruit picking detachment part, a fan cleaning part, and a vibration mechanism.During operation, the machine is driven by an electric motor or diesel engine and enters the fruit picking system through the feeding inlet. The peanut is separated from the stem by the rotation and impact of the drum picking rod, and the fruit and debris fall onto the vibrating screen through the concave plate. The stem is discharged from the discharge port, and the scattered miscellaneous fruits on the vibrating screen are transmitted to the suction port of the fan through the vibrating screen for impurity removal. Clean fruits are selected to complete the entire process.


Product features

1. The peanut picker is used for picking peanuts directly with vines after harvesting. It can be flexibly
moved and used in the field, with clean picking, low shell breakage rate, minimal loss, and can be used
for both dry and wet stems, with high work efficiency and clean threshing.
2. The peanut picker has the advantages of high picking rate, low crushing rate, clean cleaning, high work efficiency, reasonable overall structure, and convenient movement between sites.
3. This set of products is simple and flexible to operate, convenient and fast to use, and has a low damage rate.
It greatly reduces the workload of farmers, saving both labor and time, and achieving high work efficiency.