Electrical Driven Single Unit Mobile Milking Machine For Animals

Product name:Electrical Driven Unit Mobile Milking Machine
Brand: SIF
Model: SY-10
Country of Origin: China
Vacuum Pump electrically dry type
Engine power (KW): Min 0.55-0.60,
Rotating RPM: Min 1500-1600,
Voltage: 220V-50Hz
Flow rate Min: 0.5L/min
Milk Bucket capacity: 25 Liter (SS304 made of food grade SS)
Pulsator: l x Cow 60/40, Milk claw Unit: 1x240 on cluster
Analog Time counter:45 mm (L)*45mm (W)
Isolated engine from chassis by washers.
Pulsator with S/S Lid
Milk stopper (to cut the vacuum when the bucket is full)
Dimension (W*L*H): 60cm *80cm *85cm
Weight: 45kg


Product description

The milking machine is composed of milking machine and vacuum device. The sucking action of the vacuum device is used to simulate the sucking action of the calf (sheep) and suck out the cow (sheep) milk. Although using the milking machine can greatly improve the working efficiency and the cleanliness of the milk, we should also pay attention when using the milking machine. Only by operating in strict accordance with the specification requirements can we achieve the final purpose of using the milking machine.

milking machine5.jpg

Product features

1.Copper core motor configuration, longer service life.

2.Movable wheel design for more convenient and flexible use.

3.OFF ON Push-type voltage switch, safe and convenient.

4.Sanitary stainless steel milking bucket, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant.

5.Food grade milk tube, milk lining, non-toxic and odorless.

6.The whole machine is more compact, mobile and convenient, suitable for home use.

7.The whole machine has good milking performance and is economical.