Dry wet pet food pellet processing making extruder machine dog food machine

Product name:Floating feed pellet machine
Application:Make Animal Feed
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:0.4-1.5kw



Product description

This machine is a floating feed pellet machine. Producing pet feed such as cat food and dog
food can produce various flower shapes,And molds can be customized according to customer
requirements. The product outlet is equipped with a variable frequency speed regulating
rotary cutting device, which can adjust the blade rotation speed at will to control the cutting
speed and length. This product has a novel design, high production capacity, and stable operation.
The main components of this machine are made of alloy materials that have been heat treated
and refined,with high wear resistance and long service life. It is a puffing feed machine that can
be used for pets,fish, shrimp, and other animals. With the rapid development of China's national
economy, thequantity of various types of pet, fish, shrimp, and other puffed feed is rapidly
increasing, and is moving towards commercialization and scale. This equipment uses corn,
soybean (soybean cake)animal waste and other raw materials as raw materials, and can be
directly added to the machine to produce different pellet shapes, unique taste, rich nutrition,
and delicate tissue. It is suitable for feed with different pet flavors such as dogs, cats, fish, birds,
rabbits, shrimp, dogs, cats, minks, foxes, etc.Suitable for farmers, small and medium-sized
feed factories, and research institutions, the puffed feed particles produced by this machine
are neatly and smoothly formed.


Product features

The finished product produced by this puffing feed pellet machine has minimal nutritional loss.
The surface of the processed pellets is smooth, with moderate hardness, and deep internal
ripening. It can also kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites, and is made with special
technology. It is the only small machine in the flat mode pellet machine that can dry in and out.
Various additives and drugs can be added to the processed pellet feed to ensure feed quality.
Due to the dry in and out, the moisture content of the pellet feed is less than 12%, making it
convenient for storage after sealing. The processed particles have uniform composition and
neat shape. The particle size can be divided into: 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm, etc. Special models
can be customized.This machine is widely applicable to large, medium and small aquaculture,
grain feed processing plants, livestock farms, Poultry farming, individual farmers and small
and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium and small feed processing plants.