Double Roller Fish Feed Pellet Crumble Machine Grain Crusher Soybean Crusher

Product name:animal feed pellet crusher machine
Application:Make Animal Feed
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:4kw



Product description

SIF Double Rooler Crusher is suitable for crushing large particles into small particles, and can be used to break the particles of various specifications into 0.6-1.5MM or 1-2.5mm particles.
Two-roll structure, uniformly broken , easy to adjust particle size.
The unique feeding port and the bypass device not only play the role of uniform, but also play a role in the side of the flow of materials do not need to be broken, bypass flow through the switch to achieve automatic shutdown.
The use of narrow V high-intensity V-belt drive, smooth rotation, reliable, easy to operate


Product features

SIF Double Rooler Crusher is suitable for crushing large particles into small particles. It can crush various sizes of particles into 0.6-1.5mm or 1-2.5mm particles. 

1) Double roller or three roller structure, crushing uniform, particle size adjustment is convenient and fast.
2) The pressure roller adopts differential rotation, and the granule material is squeezed, cut and torn in the middle of the pressure roller, so as to achieve the ideal crushing effect.
3) Unique feed hopper and bypass device not only play a uniform role, but also play a side flow of the material does not need to be broken, side flow through the travel switch to achieve automatic stop.
4) Narrow V high strength triangle belt drive, smooth rotation, reliable work, easy to operate.