Diesel engine Thresher Corn Sheller Thresher Machine Maize Sheller

Product name:Multi funcational thresher Machine
Tractor speed:1300r/m
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:3kw
Overall Dimensions:135cm * 70cm * 135cm


Product description

Multi-Function Thresher Machine mainly include feeding frame concave plate screen roller machine cover main fan blower motor vibrating screen drawing of guide In order to improve the purity of the grain, sheller design secondary cleaning air blower, the chaff clutter can be fixed by the fan discharge machines, of wheat fall into the bottom of the vibrating screen after the skateboard, from food outlet, artificial bagging.


Product features

1.Multi-function thresher can remove grain from grain and clear separation and separation.
2.It is convenient to open the cover to check and clean up the residue.
3.The multifunction thresher has the convenience of threshing and loss.
4.Easy to clean, portable and other advantages;the surface of this multifunction sheller is treated by the whole plasticizer and is highly corrosive, which can satisfy the requirement of single plant threshing.
5.The multifunctional thresher can be processed soybeans, rice, wheat, millet, corn and other crops, is a multifunctional thresher.