Corn Silage Hay Straw Press Packing Baling Machine

Product name:silage baler&wrapper machine
Bale weight(kg):35-85
Rated speed rpm:350
Bale size(mm):550*520
Auxiliary power(kw):0.55/1.1
Production efficiency:50-65 bale/h
Number of Aluminum Rolls:30
Diesel Engine Horsepower:15


Product description

Silage Baler&Wrapper Machine  is a machine for compressing, bundling and packaging crushed corn straw. This machine has the advantages of compact structure, simple operation, stable and reliable transmission, and flexible mobility. This series of forage baler is mainly composed of diesel engine, hydraulic system, storage system, compression mechanism, bagging mechanism, traveling mechanism, and electrical system. It is widely used for silage and dry storage of animal husbandry forage. It can save storage space and prolong the feeding time of green straw. After being packed and sealed, it will naturally ferment to produce probiotics, lactic acid bacteria and protein, thus naturally ferment.After being fed, livestock such as cattle and sheep are easy to absorb, and the growth rate will increase by 2%, which greatly reduces the cost of feed transportation and storage, and reduces the labor intensity of workers. It has brought real economic benefits to animal husbandry. It is the product of the silage of medium and large aquaculture plants.


Product features

1.The knotter and main transmission system imported from Germany have stable performance and high baling rate.

2.The whole machine has symmetrical longitudinal axis, good driving stability, easy traction, and can adapt to work on small and irregular fields.

3.The use of a wide, low flat, spring-tooth drum pickup with a width of 1.5 or 1.95 meters, and equipped with profiling wheels on both sides.

4.There is enough high ground clearance between the baling chamber and the needle, and the needle will not touch the ground when working in low border areas, so the traditional needle protection frame is canceled.