Corn Husk Removal Machine Corn Thresher Maize Sheller

Product name:Fresh Corn Thresher Machine
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw
Overall Dimensions:135cm * 70cm * 135cm


Product description

The Fresh Corn Thresher machine is made of 304 stainless steel, sturdy and durable, with a reasonable design. Equipped with mobile casters, it is easy to move, easy to use, and can adapt to working in humid environments. The machine separates corn kernels and corn stalks, and the depth of corn threshing can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the corn stick. It is suitable for various fresh corn threshing, with high threshing efficiency and a threshing rate of 98%, suitable for use in factories and clean vegetable distribution centers. The machine has a long service life, and the cutting tools are made of steel, which is wear-resistant and durable.


Product features

1.Reasonable Design---the whole Sweet Maize Peeling Machine is made of all stainless steel, convenient to move with casters.
2. Convenient Feeding---chain feeding device at the feeding port effectively improves the working efficiency (this device can be loaded or unloaded as required).
3. Strong Adaptability---not only suitable for factories to cooperate with assembly line mass production, but also suitable for family workshop processing.
4. High Stripping Rate---can be automatically adjusted according to the size of the corn cob, suitable for all sizes of corn threshing, threshing depth adjustable.