Cold and Hot Screw Press Peanut Seed and Coffee Bean Oil Presser

Product name:Oil press Machine
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw
Oil Yield:40%-55%
Overall Dimensions:2120*1610*2000mm


Product description


The spiral oil press adopts physical pressing, and is suitable for pressing a variety of vegetable

oils such as rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, Sunflower seed seed,tung seed, etc.It has

the advantages of low investment, simple matching, easy maintenance,wide applicability,and

high oil yield. This product complies with the provisions of the machinery industry standard of

the China JB/T9793.1-2013 Technical Conditions for Agricultural Screw Oil Press.When the oil

press is running, the processed oil enters the press chamber from the hopper.The spiral rotation

of the press causes the material embryo to continuously push inward for pressing. Due to the

fact that the material embryo is in motion in the oil press chamber, under high pressure conditions

in the chamber,there is a significant frictional resistance between the material embryo and the screw,

as well as between the material embryo and the chamber.This can cause friction between the material

embryo and the micro material, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand,due to the gradual

increase in root diameter and decrease in pitch of the squeezed screw,when the squeezed screw

rotates, the thread can force the material embryo to move forward and flip outward. At the same

time, the material layer near the surface of the squeezed screw thread also rotates with the

squeezed shaft. In this way,each embryo particle in the squeezing chamber does not move in

the same direction at equal speed,but also has relative motion between particles. The heat

generated by friction also meets the necessary heat for the oil pressing process operation,

which helps to promote the thermal denaturation of proteins in the feed embryo, damage the

colloid, increase plasticity,and reduce some viscosity, which is easy to precipitate oil. Therefore,

the oil output rate of the oil press is increased, allowing the oil pressure in the material to

be squeezed out and flow out from the circular and strip gaps.


Product features

1. High oil output rate.Compared with old-fashioned equipment, this oil press has high efficiency
and significant economic benefits throughout the year.
2. Energy saving.reducing electricity power with equal output can save daily electricity bills.
3. Labor saving Equal production can greatly save labor, requiring only a small number of personnel
to organize production.
4. Wide range of uses .one machine can be used for many purposes, and can be used to press peanut,
flax, sesame, rapeseed, sunflower, cottonseed, soybean and other oil crops.Multi stage pressing,one press clean.
5. Pure oil quality .Vacuum filtration residue ensures pure oil quality and meets health and quarantine standards.
6. Novel concept of mechatronics integrated design, scientific, reasonable structure,easy operation,
safety and stability, using fully automated devices, from feeding to finished product completion in just a few minutes.
7. The material is excellent and the process is precision made of high carbon steel,which has undergone
high-frequency quenching and heat resistance treatment. It has high hardness, high strength, and
good wear resistance, and is suitable for continuous operation at high temperature and high pressure,
which improves the service life of the oil press and has an extremely long service life.