Automatic Combined Rice milling machine with Paddy screen and Rice screen

Product name:Rice Milling Machine
Tractor speed:1300r/m
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.3kw
Overall Dimensions:620*320*560mm


Product description

Sif Combined Rice Mill Machine is a powerful and efficient machine with an 11KW motor and weight of 380kg. It is designed to be operated at a voltage of 380V, and originates from China. It is equipped with the latest technology to process rice efficiently and quickly, making it an ideal choice for those looking to improve their rice milling operations. With its energy-saving design, it is capable of producing higher yields with less effort, ensuring that your rice milling process is both efficient and cost-effective. The Combined Rice Mill Machine is an essential piece of equipment for any rice mill and is sure to provide you with the highest quality of milled rice.


Product features

1. Grain elevator lifts and transports the processed grains optimizing your work flow for more efficiency.
2. Machine removes stones, straws,and weeds from paddy ensuring pure and high-quality grains.
3. Rice huller efficiently removes the husk, leaving you with pristine,ready-to-cook rice.

4. Machine expertly separates broken rice from whole grains ensuring top-grade output every time.

The ideal choice for commercial rice milling operations.