Animal Poultry Chicken Pig Sheep Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Line

Product name:Feed Pellet Product Line
Application:Make Animal Feed
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:7.5kw




Product description

This is a feed pellet machine production line, consisting of a mixing integrated machine, a spiral elevator, and an animal feed pellet machine.
The mixing integrated machine is used for mixing the raw materials. There are more than one kind of materials for the feed pellets. So the mixing machine can mix the raw materials and then the discharge port is opened to discharge the material into the spiral elevator.
Spiral elevator is a common material conveying equipment that uses spiral blades to transport materials from below to above. The main components include spiral blades, bearings, motors, etc. The material enters the feed port of the spiral elevator from below, and is pushed by the spiral blades to move upwards along the rotation direction of the spiral blades, ultimately reaching the discharge port. During the movement, the material is subjected to the force of gravity and the driving force of the spiral blades, continuously moving upwards to transport the material to the feed pellet machine.
The animal feed pellet machine is manufactured using special technology. During operation, the mixed powdered feed is added to the hopper without the need for heating, water addition, or drying. After extrusion, the nutritional value and digestibility of the feed are improved, and the quality of the feed particles can also be preserved for a long time. Mainly suitable for small and medium-sized aquaculture professionals to process and produce various livestock, poultry, and aquatic pellet feed.


Product features

1. The feed processing production line has a large production scale, high labor productivity, and high output value creation. It is a highly efficient form of feed processing and production organization.
2. The feed processing production line is composed of multiple feed equipment combinations, including crushing equipment, mixing and stirring equipment, conveying equipment, processing equipment, etc., which are organically combined according to the needs of advanced feed processing technology. The equipment has a high degree of automation and is closely related to each other. The feed production line equipment can operate continuously, greatly improving production efficiency.
3. It is necessary to strengthen the management and maintenance of feed machinery and equipment, ensure that the feed processing production line equipment is always in good working condition, strictly prevent controller failures, and achieve the goal of reducing equipment maintenance costs and extending the service life of the feed production line system.