Agriculture Groundnut Peanut Picker Picking Machine

Product name:Peanut Picker Machine
Tractor speed:1300r/m
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:1.5kw
Overall Dimensions:58*90*100cm



Product description

Dry and wet peanut picker is suitable for peanut seedling and fruit separation after excavation. After picking and selecting, the peanut fruit is clean and free from impurities.After drying, it can be directly bagged for storage. Easy to operate, clean and broken fruit, less power matching.The machine can also be with tractor (diesel) by belt link operation, can control the machine speed breaking rate of production greatly reduced the peanut picker for peanut harvest after take directly to pick fruit, can be used in the fields and flexible mobile, picked clean fruit, nut shell low broken rate, less loss, dry wet stem is available, job, clean threshing.


Product features

1. This Automatic Combine Peanut Picker/Peanut Picker Machine is suitable for dry peanut and wet peanut.

2. Stem adsorption tape, made by special material, makes the stem one-time separation of debris under the effect of wind.

3. The secondary sorting using eccentric vibrating screen structure, and the separation effect is ideal.

4. Joint angle is flexible, and the height can be adjusted.

5. Advanced design, reasonable structure, and reliable in performance.

6. Convenient and easy to move and it has a guide wheel. It can operate artificially and mechanically. The transportation is convenient.