Agricultural Machinery Threshing Machine Sunflower Thresher Machine

Product name:Sunflower Thresher Machine
Material:Stainless Steel
Electric Power:2.2kw
Overall Dimensions:60*63*75cm


Product description

The sunflower threshing machine is equipped with an electric motor, diesel engine and tractor with a power of more than 2.2KW, and can be connected to a small four-wheel rear tail wheel. This product is a new type of agricultural machinery, used for sunflower threshing, which has changed the manual work situation for many years. Convenient and fast, structure, easy to use, high degreasing rate, no grain coating, separation, easy operation, no damage to the light weight of the grains, high production efficiency, can thresh 800-1000 kg, suitable for long-term operations. Welcome to inquire!
The characteristic of the sunflower thresher is that it has a main power, a threshing roller is fixed on the main power, 2-6 triangle tapes are fixed on the threshing roller, the threshing roller and the motor are integrated, and a spring adjustment is provided under the threshing roller. In the gap between the pallet and the stripping roller, a sieve grate is set under the pallet to separate the sunflower seeds from the disc. A drum skip type seed slider is set under the sieve grate. On the main host, close to the stripping roller, the pallet One device design has a uniformly sloped backing plate for piped sunflower seed trays.


Product features

The sunflower seeding machine includes a body, a threshing roller, a sieve, a bracket, and a suspension frame. The body has a cylindrical working chamber with an inlet on the top and an outlet on the bottom. The threshing roller and sieve are set on the body. The working chamber, bracket and suspension frame are arranged on the outside of the body. Since the new sunflower seed thresher adopts the above-mentioned structure, it can be conveniently installed on the bumper of the tractor through the suspension frame on it, and can operate normally through tractor or motor power. The structure of the new sunflower seed thresher is simple and reasonable, and it is easy to install. It is easy to use, has good threshing and high efficiency, and is especially suitable for individual farmers.