Sif 6.5 T/H Output Agricultural Home and Farm Processing Cutter

Product name:chaff cutter machine
Rated voltage:220V/380V
Motor power:3-7.5kw
Cut length:10-50mm
Motor speed:2800r/min
Machine weight:150kg
Machine dimension:2147*1600*2756 mm



Product description

The chaff cutter machine is powered by an electric motor as a supporting power. The power

is transmitted to the main shaft, and the gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the
speed adjusted power to the pressure grass roller through a gearbox, universal joint, etc.
When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower pressure grass rollers,
it is clamped by the pressure grass roller and fed into the cutting mechanism at a certain speed.
After being cut by the high-speed rotating tool, it is thrown out of the machine through the
grass outlet.The chaff cutter machine is a silage hay cutter used for processing forage, cutting
green,dry corn straw, rice straw, and returning straw to the field. It effectively solves the
problems ofeasy slipping, poor safety, and low durability during feeding during the use of the
hay cutter.The technical solution is to improve the structure of the existing hay cutter, change
the existing feeding mechanism,set a feed roller in front of the hay roller, and form a closed
ring with the fixed blade and its upper section shaped guide pad iron, The gear shifting device
is located inside the gearbox, with holes drilled on the gearbox shaft, springs and steel balls in
the holes, and positioning grooves in the clutch hole. When shifting, the steel balls are stuck
in the positioning grooves, and the frame is equipped with a transmission and feeding device,
a moving knife holder and a moving knife,a feeding table and a discharge port. The utility model
has a novel and unique structure, is scientific and reasonable, is safe and reliable, is durable,
and has high production efficiency, which is a major creative contribution to existing grass
cutting machines.


Product features

1. Steel structure frame. Small size, light weight, and easy to move.

2. Design a safety device to prevent knife biting accidents and ensure the safety and reliability
of the entire machine.
3. Adopting advanced grass feeding mechanism and unique grass feeding roller device (patented)
4. The rotating shaft of the straw stick adopts a universal coupling, which has a compact structure,
flexible operation, and convenient disassembly and assembly
5. There are various options for supporting power, including electric motors, diesel engines,
and tractors, especially suitable for areas lacking electricity
6. The blade is made of high-quality steel and refined through special processes, which is super
wear-resistant; High strength bolts are used for connection, ensuring safe and reliable use.
7. The casing is made of thickened steel plates continuously welded, and the entire mold is
formed. The anti-counterfeiting trademark is pressed, which is beautiful and durable
8. Excellent cost-effectiveness, with lower prices for straw cutters of the same productivity.
Applicable scope: Used for cutting green (dry) corn straw, rice straw, wheat straw and other
crop straw, as well as various forage grasses. The processed materials are suitable for breeding
cattle, sheep, deer, horses, etc., and can also be used for biomass energy generation, paper
making,ethanol extraction, etc